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After a long anticipated build up following the success of Porter Robinson’s Secret Sky 2020, on April 24 we went live with Secret Sky 2021. The festival — presented by artist, songwriter, and producer Porter Robinson — ran for over 10 hours and featured 16 artists including Boys Noize, Baauer, and REZZ.

Over the course of the festival, 160,000 attendees from 163 countries joined us in the digital auditorium, exploring the festival’s four unique and immersive environments and audio chatting together across mobile, desktop and VR devices.

Building on 2020

With many events pivoting to virtual activations in 2020, we launched…

Case Study Video

At Active Theory, we love building web experiences that tell an engaging and interesting story. In early 2021, we were contacted by The Wall Street Journal Custom Events team about creating an immersive and social activation for their upcoming Future of Everything Festival.

The Future of Everything Festival, which ran from May 11–13 2021, featured speakers including Ray Dalio, Paris Hilton and Whitney Wolfe Herd, and explored themes shaping the future of humanity and society.

As part of this, we created The Field VR — an audiovisual VR and web experience that took festival attendees through a…

Having already created a music festival and interactive listening experiences with Porter Robinson, for his latest track, “Look at the Sky”, we wanted to make the launch experience special with a WebXR experience.

Look At The Sky launched with an interactive, multiplayer listening experience.

Similar to the scenes of Nurture, in Look At The Sky users are placed into an environment that would evolve as the track played out. Listening together with others from all over the world, users are placed side-by-side and could look around in virtual reality or using the gyroscope on their phone.

Visually, we stayed in the same universe as previous Porter releases. This involved contrasting…

Case Study Video

The Sundance Film Festival team approached us last fall with the opportunity to collaborate on their upcoming New Frontier experience. Launched in 2007, New Frontier is their annual program that fosters independent artists and creative technologists in exploring new media, immersive design, transmedia activism and more.

We had already launched a range of digital events on our Dreamwave Platform throughout the year and had incorporated many of the features and ideas Sundance was looking for, so we felt confident partnering with the team on New Frontier (NF).

Our First VR Event

While we’d previously explored 3D environments, avatars, and rooms with…

Step right up. Come on down. Don’t just shout, it’s time to scream. Travelers beware, you’re in for a scare. Get ready to scream, it’s HULUWEEN.

After working with Hulu on PrideFest, we were introduced to their new campaign — Huluween! As one of Hulu’s largest brand tentpole campaigns, we were tasked with introducing Huluween through an immersive and thrilling web experience. It is a celebration of fandom and love for spooky and scary TV during the most creative and expressive of holidays. …

In a year of global cultural changes, launching an apparel range in a meaningful and engaging way was the challenge brought to us by adidas earlier this year.

For the Originals team looking after Foot Locker, it wasn’t going to be enough simply snapping some sleek product pictures. To really have an impact, it was important to develop a launch campaign that told both the unique story of the collection, and communicated the craft and quality of the clothes.

The Brief

Based on insights from adidas and Foot Locker, we wanted to position the product as something premium, versatile, and ubiquitously…

The Deliciously Dark Escape is an exciting, gummy-filled, neon adventure that lets you worm your way through five levels. Encounter foes and unearth superpowers along the way before you eventually…get eaten!

Working alongside Geometry and Ferrara (the makers of Trolli) we were tasked with creating a web experience that engaged gamers to play with the Trolli brand. By scanning a QR code on custom Gummy Worms packages, players were launched into a secretive underground Trolli world full of adventure and prizes.

A Deliciously Dark Web

We started by envisioning a retro experience. Visually, we played with glitch effects and retro styling to make…

Million Piece Mission: A 1.2 million piece multiplayer puzzle using a gigapixel photo of the National Museum of the United Stated Air Force.

During the current COVID era, brands are faced with an immensely competitive landscape when it comes to connecting with consumers through digital media. For the Million Piece Mission, we worked with GSD&M to cut through this noise and develop something genuinely different and enjoyable for potential Air Force recruits and enthusiasts.

Evolving The Concept

At a high level, the idea was simple: create the world’s largest virtual puzzle. This concept stemmed from the intersection of a quarantine insight (puzzles are…

Adventure Time: Distant Lands — BMO

Having worked with fan-centric franchises like Rick and Morty and Harry Potter in the past, we had some learnings coming into our work with Cartoon Network and Adventure Time. Core to this was giving fans a way to engage with the show’s characters in unexpected and playful ways.

The brief itself was around promoting the show’s new special, Adventure Time Distant Lands, using video game character BMO as a key motif. …

Every second, 30,000 users from all around the world hit play on a Spotify song at the same time. We worked with Spotify to create a data visualization that tells this story. From South Africa to Australia, Mexico to Singapore, this is Listening Together.

Conceptually stemming from Serendipity, a 2014 Spotify piece by Media Artist Kyle McDonald, Listening Together visually connects users who press play on the same song, at the same time. …

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